About the challenge

HackOnChain is an official hackathon for the Next Block Expo, which is aiming to become the biggest blockchain festival in Europe (5k+ attendees). 

Throughout the hackathon it is expected to see more than 200 web3 developers from all around the world working on their projects’ ideas during two days of hard work on 23th and 24th of November. We are accepting online applications too.

Everyone will be able to listen to more than 50 top blockchain speakers.

Get started

In order to find out more about the event please visit our Linktree. You can find information about the HackOnChain hackathon and about the whole Next Block Expo conference there.

Check out Hacker Manual.


What to Build

You will be building an application of your choice, you can bring your own ideas, build your team and use help from our mentors on site. We'll be hosting EVM-compatible protocols as well as the ones using Substrate framework. Every hacker will find something for themselves.

Prizes and bounties can be found in the Hacker Manual.

What to Submit

  • Project name and team. Name of the project, list of team members, optionally with set of their responsibilities.
  • Code repository on Open Source license. Code repository will be used for testing and judging, all we need is an URL. Accepted licenses:
  • Description and video. Information about the technical aspects of the project and the idea in general. Short video (up to 2-3 minutes) presenting the project and the way to use it. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Video and made public. 

Hackathon Sponsors


$33,300 in prizes

Aleph Zero Bounty

Main prize

Q Bounty

NFT Developer DAO

Antler cohort place

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Adam Gagol
Aleph Zero


Q Development

Piotr Saczuk

Michał Bartczak

Michał Bartczak

Pete Urinsky
Aleph Zero

Judging Criteria

  • Technicality
    - How hard was the project to build? - How well does the project leverage technology?
  • Practicability
    - How useful is this submission in the real world? outside of the crypto community? - If the project were to be specifically targeted to the crypto community, how correctly targeted is it?
  • Innovation
    - How innovative is the project? - Is the project leveraging a new technology? - Is the project enabling a new type of solution to be created?
  • Originality
    - How original is the project? - Is this something completely new or are there other existing instances of the same type of projection and/or execution?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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